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How to Install and Adjust Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing MachineThis is a automation precision equipment which is suitable for the sealing packing of green tea ,red tea, Scented tea. coffee, healthy tea , the herbal tea, granule triangle teabag.

This machine is mainly composed of three systems: the precision mechanism transmission system, automation control system and pneumatic transmission system

1.The main controller of the machine is PLC touch screen control converter, part of the pulling paper and the horizontal sealing rotating part adopts servo motor, more accurate, it can be finished within 2 bag length automatic photoelectric with standard, digital  automatic adjustment cursor mode,  meet the precise positioning. Color touch screen is human design, operation interface is clear, parameters setting is simple .

2. Institution transfer system is mainly composed of the feeding part, forming part, drawing paper, horizontal sealing parts, vertical sealing parts, blanking etc (see figure 1-2). The  whole  machine  adopts  mechanical  transmission  and combination  of  electric,  installation  and  debugging  simply  and  conveniently, running smoothly, sealing strong, good bag appearance; Accuracy can finish bag making and filling, sealing, counting, measurement etc; choosing tray, electronic scale and other blanking ways according to different material

Bag size(L*W)mm(40-80)*(60-80)(40-80)*(60-80)(40-80)*(60-80)
Sealing TypePyramid bagPyramid bagPyramid bag
Flat bagFlat bagFlat bag
Filling Rangeml1-71-71-7
Film Widthmm120 &140 & 160120 &140 & 160120 &140 & 160
Film thicknessmm0.04-0.06mm0.04-0.06mm0.04-0.06mm
Total powerKW22.22.2
VoltageSingle PhaseSingle PhaseSingle Phase
Air ConsumptionMpa0.80.80.8
Air Compressorm3/min0.60.60.6

Application: The triangle tea bag packaging machine is suitable for: green tea, red tea, scented tea, herbal tea, coffee, health tea, granule etc

Operating EnvironmentWithout a lot of dust, the temperature is 5 ~ 40, cannot freeze; Relative humidity is not more than 60%,not be dew

Working Video of How to Install Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

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