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Drip Coffee Filter Bag


Drip Coffee Filter Bag makes possible the simple enjoyment of a cup of regular coffee. It takes only few seconds to set the Drip Coffee Filter Bag on the cup and can use for any cup shape with highly-functional paper hangers to suit your needs.

Drip Coffee Bag Instructions :
1. Tear along the dot line to open it
2. Place the hangers onto cup
3. Pour boiled water through : pour boiled water into drip coffee filter bag slowly and little by little.
4. Continue pouring boiled water till 150 c.c. – 200 c.c. and then you can enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee !
Drip Coffee Filter Bag is a unique product concept which makes one cup of fresh coffee at once, directly into the cup. it is a self-contained hanging filter containing specialty coffee grounds. the designs in the fabric allow for maximum “breathing and tumbling room”, bringing out the finest coffee aroma. It is fresh ground coffee using high quality coffee beans. drip bag coffee is individually packaged and can easily fit for your purse.
Drip Coffee Filter Bag is put into fresh ground coffee using only the finest coffee beans from around the world.Each Drip Coffee Filter Bag is packed in a multiple layered aluminum foil Drip Coffee Bag nitrogen and guarantee the freshest coffee at all times.For Drip Coffee Filter Bag you will no need to use a coffee maker. Just put 10 to 12 gram of ground coffee is already self-contained within the filter. just open the filter, hang the bag onto any coffee cup or mug, and pour hot water directly into the Drip Coffee Filter Bag opening.

The materials that make up the hooks and filters on our drip bags are fused together using heat sealing, meaning that no adhesive agents are used whatsoever. Both these hooks and filters are made using safe materials that are compliant with food product, additive and other standards.

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