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Continuous High Speed Sauce Filling Packing Machine

Continuous High-Speed Sauce Filling Packing Machine is used to pack liquid or sauce. It is our high-speed type liquid or sauce packing machine. It can complete measuring, liquid f ...
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Continuous High-Speed Sauce Filling Packing Machine is used to pack liquid or sauce. It is our high-speed type liquid or sauce packing machine. It can complete measuring, liquid filling, bag sealing, bag cutting and counting at the same time. This High-Speed Liquid Bag Packing Machine adopts PLC and servo motor to control the bag length. This Machine can use PET Film, Al Film, PE Film, PE and PET composite film as packing material

Feature of Continuous Sauce Filling Packing Machine

  1. The machine is equipped with one set vertical hot rolling device, one set horizontal hot rolling device and one set horizontal cold rolling device.
  2. Adopted the continuous rollers to seal the sachet. Adopted complete, continuous sealing pattern(chessboard pattern)
  3. Using the latest diaphragm pump to fill with high filling accuracy.
  4. Machine offered three types cutting knives(flat knife, serrated(zigzag) knife, dotted line knife) for customer selection. And also equipped with the punching easy tearing mouth device)
  5. Machine adopted PLC control and touch screen indicating working status
  6. Servo vertical hot sealing device ensure stepless controlled host machine speed adjustment
  7. Servo horizontal hot sealing device achieve sachet length stepless adjustment
  8. Servo horizontal cold sealing device ensure nice sealing appearance and coding effect.
  9. Intelligent photoelectric eye marking system with the function of automatic orientation function, it can automatically eliminate the influence due to the defective printing of the eye mark or other factors.
  10. Machine with the film tension revise function which can eliminate the influence from the packing material tension changing during production
  11. Temperature intelligent control by the thermometer mode, more reliable and stable.
  12. Blades error recovery device can achieve adjusting the blades angle online

Specification of Continuous Sauce Filling Packing Machine

Sachet Length70~140mm or 100-170mm
Sachet width30-120mm
Filling Wt1~50g
Speed50-70 bpm
Power3kw / AC380V
Film roll out dia≤550mm
Film roll inner dia75mm
Film MaterialPET/AL/PE,PET/PE,OPP/CPP etc

Working Video of High-Speed Sauce Filling Packing Machine

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of coffee powder packing and tea powder packing machine. All our machines equipped with reliable brand components. This enables us to provide our customers with continuous high-quality tea powder and coffee powder equipment at competitive prices.

Romiter provides a complete coffee powder and tea powder packaging solution, includes Drip Coffee Bag Packing MachineInstant Coffee Stick Packing MachineEnglish Breakfast Tea Capsules Filling Sealing MachineFull Automatic Tea Capsules Packing MachinePyramid Tea Bag Packing MachineFour Header Pyramid Tea Bag Packing MachineRound Tea Pods Packing MachineTea Inter Bag and Outer Bag Packing Machine and Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine.


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