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Tea Bag Packing Machine

Full Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine with Outer Envelope

Full Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine with Outer Envelope  is used for automatically packing products as green tea ,black tea, flower tea ,health tea, medicine tea, granu ...
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Full Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine with Outer Envelope  is used for automatically packing products as green tea ,black tea, flower tea ,health tea, medicine tea, granule and so on .


Main Functions of Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

  1. This unit can perform either three sides sealing and triangle pyramid teabag .just need single bond to change the bag between three sides sealing and triangle pyramid shape.
  2. packaging capacity: 3000bags/h (Determined by packing material)
  3. Applicable packing materials:Nylon film with thread and label.
  4. The precision volumetric metering way very easily in the transformation of filling material. Electronic scale metering can be collocated according to the material.
  5. Human-Computer Interface, Omron PLC control, adopted the Panasonic double Servo motor to make the bag , supplied complete setting functions.easy operating
  6. Main motor overload protection device
  7. Packaging material tension automatic adjustment device
  8. The machine will automatically stop when Issued the warning.

Advantages Feature of Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

  1. Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine adopts flat bags packing, triangle pyramid tea bags packing and so on format to do packing!
  2. the whole machine can finish the whole process automatically: material feeder-measuring(double head electronic scale)- bags making-sealing-cutting-counting-finish products conveyor.
  3. the machine adopts high precise control system to adjust the whole machine working, with compact structure, computer controller, easy operation system, and easy maintenance.
  4. adopts servo motor, which makes the machine bag length stable, positioning precise, adjusting easily.
  5. using ultrasonic sealing, and electronic scale filling, sealing tight and filling accurate.
  6. the machine equipped with packing material strength adjusting automatically device.
  7. the machine have automatic alarming and stopping function.


Specification of Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Capacity30-40bags/Min (Determined by packing material)
Filling precision≤±2% (Determined by packing material)
Bag size60-80(W)*40-80(L)mm
Packing film120mm,140mm,160mm
Sealing typeTriangle bag and flat bag
Filling range2-10ml
Film thickness0.04-0.06mm
Packing materialNylon, Polyester net  non-woven fabrics,. ultrasonic sealing materials
Rolled outer diameter≤400mm
Rolled paper core inside diameter76mm
Air consumption0.6Mpa 0.4m3/min
Total power2.2KW
PowerSingle 220V    50HZ
Air compressorless than 1 cube

Working Video of Double Weigher Head Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine


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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market leading designer and a manufacturer of coffee powder packing and tea powder packing machine. All our machines equip with reliable brand component. This enables us to provide our customers with continuous high quality tea powder and coffee powder equipment at competitive prices.

Romiter provides a complete coffee powder and tea powder packaging solution, includes Drip Coffee Bag Packing MachineInstant Coffee Stick Packing Machine, English Breakfast Tea Capsules Filling Sealing Machine, Full Automatic Tea Capsules Packing MachinePyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine, Four Header Pyramid Tea Bag Packing MachineRound Tea Pods Packing Machine, Tea Inter Bag and Outer Bag Packing Machine and Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine.


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