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Single Served Coffee – Japanese style


Fresh Coffee in a Cup – Add Water Only

Coffee tastes much better when it is just brewed and should always be made with freshly roasted beans.  Drip Coffee makes it possible to brew high quality coffee in a cup – in and outdoors.

Ever tried to take the last cup from the office coffee machine tasting like tar or wanting a fresh cup of coffee outdoors? Single served drip coffee is a Japanese invention, which makes it possible to brew fresh filter coffee directly into the cup, whereby the coffee’s aroma is fully unfolded. Usuna’s drip coffee bags are perfect when you just want a single cup of coffee – indoors or outdoors.

Usuna Coffee improves the coffee experience by introducing a unique coffee concept to the Nordic market. Usuna’s coffee combines freshly roasted, high quality arabica coffee with a unique drip coffee filter allowing the user to brew a fresh cup of coffee in a cup.

Each filter contain minimum 10 g of completely fresh roasted 100% Arabica coffee. Unlike capsules Usuna’s coffee is always very fresh and we work with the best coffee roasters and baristas to get the best coffee products. This ensures that the coffee has the highest quality and furthermore can we be sure that the coffee is produced under sustainable conditions.

Coffee is best right after it is prepared, because taste comes best forward after a few minutes in the cup. After an hour, the loss of flavor and aroma of coffee made of coffee clearly.

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