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Tea Bag Packing Machine

Square Shape Tea Bag Packing Machine with Tag and String Function

Square Shape Tea Bag Packing Machine with Outer Pack is to fill crushed tea into filter paper bag with thread and tag, and then pack the filter paper bag into outer envelope.

Product Details


Square Shape Tea Bag Packing Machine with Outer Pack is to fill crushed tea into filter paper bag with thread and tag, and then pack the filter paper bag into outer envelope.



Advantage Feature of Tea Bag Packing Machine with Outer Pack

  1. PLC control system, touch screen;
  2. It is suits to pack small granule materials, such as tea leafs, herbal tea and healthy tea, coffee powder.
  3. This machine is a latest type of heated sealing packing machine;
  4. Multi function, filling material into inner bag, sealing inner bag, pack it into outer bag, etc. One time working, which avoid hands directly contacting with stuff materials, improving the efficiency. 
  5. The inner bag is made of filter cotton paper, which can be automatically packed with thread and label. The advantages are photoelectric location for the tag and outer bag, adjustment to the need of the content, length of inner bag and outer bag, and tag.

Specification of Square Shape Tea Bag Packing Machine with Outer Pack

Model RM-TB180II
Sealing type 3/4 sides seal
Packing weight 3-15g  (depends on product)
Inner bag size Width 40-80mm , length 50-70mm
Outer bag size Width 60-90mm, length 70-120mm
Outer bag film width ≤ 180mm
Production capacity 30-60 bags/min
Tag size Width 40-55mm,length 20-24mm
Thread length 155mm
Power supply AC220V, 50/60Hz
Power 3.7 KW
Overall dimension L1200 × W900 × H1900mm
Net weight 500kg

Parameter Table of  Tea Bag Packing Machine with Outer Bag

Item With Outer Bag
Model RM-TB18I RM-TB18II RM-TB168
Max.Output bag/min 60 60 65
Max.Weight cm³ 15 15 15
Weight Method Measuring Cup
Bag Size(L*W) mm (50-70)*(50-80) (50-70)*(50-80) (50-75)*(50-75)
Envelope Size(L*W) mm (80-120)*(70-90) (80-120)*(70-90) (80-120)*(75-95)
Tag Size(L*W) mm / (20-40)*(40-55) 25*25
Thread Length mm / 155 155
Main Function Inner bag+outer bag Inner bag+outer bag+String+tag Inner bag+outer bag+string+tag
Power Supply AC 220V AC 220V AC 220V
Tatal Power kw 3.5 3.5 3.7
Weight kg 500 500 450
Gross weight kg 550 550 500
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) mm 950*1200*1850 950*1200*1850 1050*700*1300


Working Video of Square Shape Tea Bag Packing Machine

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