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Packaging Material Cellophane Introduction


Cellophane is a kind of natural fibres such as cotton and wood pulp as raw material and films made with glue method. Transparent it, nontoxic and odorless. Air, oil, bacteria, and the water is easy through the cellophane, making its use as a food packaging.

Cellophane is the regenerated cellulose, its molecules between a fantastic breathability, the goods fresh to be very favourable. It does not fire heat, not 190 ℃ high temperature deformation in the food packaging and food with high temperature sterilization. In addition, due to the cellophane from natural raw materials, and therefore has a strong easy to decompose.

Also known as cellophane. A high transparency and gloss of regenerated cellulose film. Flat paper and roll paper. Quantitative 30~60g/square meters. Colorless or

Dyed various colors. Paper soft, transparent, smooth, no eyelets, tight, impervious to oil, impervious. A moderate degree of stiffness. Has good tensile strength, printability and gloss. Production method different from the paper and rayon process similar to. Using α-cellulose content of refined chemical wood pulp or cotton linters dissolving pulp as raw material, alkali (18% sodium hydroxide), pressing, crushing process of alkali cellulose, and then by joining after aging of carbon disulfide to make it yellow cellulose xanthate, dissolved in sodium hydroxide solution that made the Orange cellulose glue. The glue in 20~30℃ temperature Xia for cooked into processing, and by filter removed impurities and removal bubble, then in pulled film machine in the by a narrow of gap in the extrusion, into sulfuric acid and sulfate mixed liquid of solidification bath slot in the, formed film (regeneration cellulose film), again by washing, and desulfurization, and bleaching, and desalination and plastic of (glycerol and ethylene glycol,), processing, last by dry made. Applications in medicine, food, cigarettes, textiles, cosmetics, packaging of goods such as precision instruments.

Cellophane tension of changes effect, film in printing process in the, in strength allows of range, elongation rate with tension of increased and increased, to color printing overprint of accuracy brings difficult, according to printer real material of type and telescopic rate to adjustment tension, like PE film of telescopic rate than larger, tension value should small some; for paper or PET, and OPP, telescopic rate small of plastic film, tension can appropriate big some. Surface smooth, pore-free, the ink layer fixing or fixing loose, color printing is completed, under the easy route to overprint ink, patterns and text is incomplete, resulting in defects;

Packaging items, rust, moisture, pollution prevention. But the drawbacks as well as cellophane: longitudinal strength, transverse strength, poor tear, rip tear easily. Cellophane or hydrophilic, it can absorb water, water often occurs after adhesion, heat between the sheets after adhesive into blocks. Cellophane of features is transparency high, and gloss degrees strong, printing graphic Hou color particularly bright, this is plastic film by cannot reached of; printing suitable sex good, printing Qian not needed after any processing, cellophane also has antistatic processing performance, easily adsorption dust, avoid has graphic stick dust, printing fault of occurred, but moisture sex poor, film by temperature, and humidity of effect easy deformation, led to printing Shi graphic easily sets associate.

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